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Water Damaged Basement-Pool Table Movers


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Moving Pool Tables Out Of Wet Basements

Painful, many homeowners will experience frozen water pipes and the consequent water damage. A Majority of pool tables are located in basements, where they are susceptible to water damage and sewage backup.


Notify your insurer that your pool table has been wet since prolonged exposure to excessive moisture can cause wood & fabric damage. Pool Table Movers In Maine will work closely with your insurance carrier to provide an estimate of the pool table's damages and/or a replacement cost.


The majority of the time, we are contacted by your contractor or business specializing in water removal to disassemble, relocate, and store your pool table off-site until all work is completed. After all home repairs have been performed, we will  reassemble and level your pool table, as well as install any new components, cloth, or felt that have been requested. 

We urge you not to attempt the move your pool table as it can weigh up to 1000 lbs and the slate itself can weigh up to 250 lbs. each.  Understand the slate (s) are very costly to replace and certainly not worth injuring yourself over.


Flooded basement with furniture floating and water damaged
Flooded and damaged basement with water

pool table moving, leveling & refelting

We utilize the highest quality & sensitive graduation machinist levels to fine-tune a level playing surface. This allows us to precisely assemble and level the base of the table, install the shim, install all hardware, join and marry the slates, &  level so it plays accurately at home or in a tournament. When a pool table has been professionally leveled the balls will run straight and true!


We are an insured, expert team of professionals who provide the highest quality of service on your billiard table.

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