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Pool Table Movers In Maine has the necessary experience, equipment, and tools to safely move and relocate your pool table.  

Pool Table Movers In Maine services include preparation, disassembly, moving, transportation, installation, leveling, and recovering or refelting. We take special precautions to prevent any damage to your pool table and the room where it is located in.

Yes, you can make arrangements before your scheduled move to upgrade the cloth or felt on your pool table.  We can discuss and select a cloth/felt that is the best for your playing style.  Some pool players and or families want a long-lasting durable cloth.  While others may compete in a weekly pool league and need a professional, tournament speed cloth, like Simonis.        

Our pool table movers are equipped and trained to work with any pool table manufacturer. Our process includes:

* Full disassembly
* Hardware is labeled & packaged
* Careful moving and transporting
* Reassembling and installing
* Existing cloth/installing new felt
* Level the frame or base
* Install & join & level the slate(s)
* Install / replacement of bumpers.

You will immediately notice the improvement in how true, smooth and accurate your pool table will play.  You will be able to enjoy playing pool with your friends and excited to practice for your next league night.

Hire Only Professional Pool Table Movers

Professional Pool Table Moving, Leveling & Refelting in Maine & NH

Pool Table Movers In Maine, 207-705-4258 Move , transport billiard tables in Maine and NH

We encourage you to work with a professional pool table mover and avoid costly damages to your pool table itself and or cracking or chipping the slate. The slate itself is usually a 3-piece slate and can weigh up to 250 lbs. each, and the billiard table can weigh more than 1000 lbs.  We are equipped with the right equipment in order to move, piece by piece your pool table, to and from locations and up and down flights of stairs.  


For you to attempt to move is just not worth injuring yourself over!


Moving & Installation of a pool table is a technical skill and should only be performed by an experienced and trained professional.  Our team travel all over the state of Maine and New Hampshire moving, transporting, and installing pool tables, bumper tables, and shuffleboard tables.

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Auburn, Maine.

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