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Pool Table movers Meredith NH

NEED OUR ASSISTANCE? Let's Talk About Moving
Your Pool Table Now!

Pool Table Movers In Maine, transport, moves and installs pool tables in Meredith NH for residential and commercial

Do You Need To Move Your Pool Table To A Different Room, Across Town, Or City?  

Hundreds of pool tables have been relocated, transported, dismantled, reassembled, and recovered by our pool table mechanics. Here are some of the services we offer to residents & businesses in Meredith NH., and other surrounding towns in New Hampshire.

* Site Set-Up

* Disassembly

* Moving

* Transportation

* Installation

* Leveling base & Slate

* Existing cloth or refelting 


Pool Table Moving Services & Installation

Pool table relocation that is dependable, and stress-free.

Pool Table Movers In Maine, leveling pool table, we travel to Meredith NH

 We are the experienced experts for moving and relocating your pool table.

Moving a pool table is a difficult and time-consuming task. Attempting to relocate your pool table in one piece is the most common mistake. You risk causing damage to your pool table or the slate, which is unrepairable. Worse, you could injure yourself!  A pool table can weigh as much as 1000 lbs. and

the 3-piece slates can weigh up to 250 lbs. Would you want to take a piano apart, keys and all, and put it together in a different location? It's a lot like that.


You need the right specialized tools, the proper equipment, and experienced pool table, mechanics to move your pool table without damaging it and or the room being installed in.    

What's The Condition Of Your 
Pool Table Cloth Or Felt?

Professional Pool Table Moving, Leveling & Refelting in Maine & NH

Pool Table Movers in Maine, move, transport and refelt pool tables in Meredith Maine

Should I install the existing cloth on my table or install new felt?


We have a large selection of cloth / felt to choose from depending on your playing style. Some families want a durable felt installed to last a long time. Other times we install fast-speed cloth because the player competes in the weekly league and or tournaments. Commercial customers like pool halls, clubs, and resorts usually request a higher-performing grade felt, and we recommend Simonis Cloth.


Simonis cloth, which we install and carry, is a personal favorite cloth of mine.

Please see the variety of colors available in Simonis cloth from the Color Chart. To let us know which option you prefer, please contact us via phone, or fill out the form to discuss your needs. 

We'll level your table and slate before installing your cloth and look for any dead spots that need to be addressed. Your slate will be put together, and your cloth/felt will be painstakingly installed.

NEED OUR ASSISTANCE? Let's Talk About Moving Your Pool Table Now!

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Auburn, Maine.

Servicing Maine & NH

Pool Table
Movers In Maine

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