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Pool Table Installation


Jeff Robitaille, owner of Pool Table Movers In Maine installing and leveling a pool table for a home owner in Maine.

Installation of a pool table is a technical skill and should only be performed by a trained and experienced professional.

Our team travel all over the state of Maine and New Hampshire moving, transporting, and installing pool tables, bumper tables, and shuffle tables.

Our pool table movers are equipped and trained to work with any pool table manufacturer. Our process includes:

* Full disassembly
* Hardware is labeled & packaging
* Careful moving and transporting
* Reassembling and installing
* Existing cloth/installing new felt
* Level the frame or base
* Install & join & level the slate(s)
* Install / replacement of bumpers.

During this whole process, we take special pride and care that your pool table is not scratched or damaged.


You will immediately notice the improvement in how true, smooth and accurate your pool table will play.  You will be able to enjoy playing pool with your friends and excited to practice for your next league night.


We encourage you to work with a professional pool table mover and avoid damage to your pool table itself and or cracking or chipping the slate.

The slate itself can weigh up to 250 lbs. each and is very costly to replace and certainly not worth injuring yourself over.


Pool Table leveling

Professional Pool Table Moving, Leveling & Refelting in Maine & NH


 We utilize the highest quality & sensitive graduation machinist levels to fine tune a level playing surface. This allows us to precisely assemble and level the base of the table, install the shim, install all hardware, join and marry the slates, and level so it plays accurately at home or in a tournament. When a pool table has been professionally leveled the balls will run straight and true!


We are an insured, expert team of professionals who provide the highest quality of service on your billiard table.


Pool Table Movers, Jeff Robitaille, owner leveling a pool table. 207-705-4258

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm


Auburn, Maine.

Servicing Maine & NH

Pool Table
Movers In Maine

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