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Pool Table Movers In Maine


Moving into a new house, buying a pool table, or having work done in your home or business that requires your pool table to be moved?


No matter what your needs are, our experienced Pool Table Movers In Maine & NH, are dependable to deliver and relocate your pool table on time and damage-free.


12 + years of experience tuning up pool tables, leveling, refelting, and restoring pool tables. We are a veteran, Maine-owned and insured company.  

Pool Table Services  

Pool table relocation that is dependable, and stress-free.

Pool Table Movers In Maine, owner Jeff installing slate on billiard pool table. 207-705-42588
Pool Table Services

Pool Table Assembly: Need a new or used pool table professionally set up to play and practice on?  Our team can assemble your table, and level and do any needed service to guarantee your table is ready for game night.

Pool Table Moving/Transporting: We fully disassembled all pool tables, and label the hardware; we offer storage, and crating services and can move your pool table to a new room, new home, or transport out of town.

Storage: Yes, we do offer short-term and longer-term storage. We are happy to quote you for storage and pool table crating.

Pool Table Leveling:  The slates must be leveled, connected, and grouted correctly so that the pool balls move in an expected direction during your game.


Existing Felt/ Refelting: Should you want to reuse your existing felt you can choose from our large selection of cloth or felt and have newly installed.


Rubber Rail Installation: Rail over time hardened and become as we say, dead rails. Replacing the rails you feel how the ball should react and will enjoy a game-winning bank shot.

Hire Only Professional Pool Table Movers

Professional Pool Table Moving, Leveling & Refelting in Maine & NH

Hire Only Professional Pool Table Movers

Pool tables are one of the most challenging items to relocate. Before being relocated, pool tables can weigh up to one thousand pounds and require a lengthy and laborious disassembly process. (Not worth hurting yourself.)
Pool tables have a peculiar combination of mass with sensitive and vulnerable sections. Correct handling, disassembly, reassembly, leveling, and re-felting, specialized, skilled, personnel with sophisticated equipment are necessary. 
Reassembly and leveling the base and the slate (s) can be significantly more difficult. Therefore, it is usually preferable to use qualified pool table movers who can prevent any damage to your pool table.
An inexperienced pool table movers can easily damage your table in ways you probably didn't expect, resulting in higher repair costs. Three-piece slate is heavy and needs to be moved and packed in a way to avoid cracking and damage.


Therefore, it is preferable & recommended to use a qualified pool table movers who can prevent any damage to your pool table. It requires skill equipment, and knowledge to move, relocate, and level a pool table properly.  Pool Table Movers In Maine can be relied upon from moving & correctly reassembling your table to protecting its felt.   

Maine Pool Table Services, Jeff Robitaille installing 3 pieces pool table slate. Location
Pool Table Movers In Maine, movers, installers, re-felting 207-705-4258

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